The Tale of a Mom’s Pursuit of…Coffee

Once upon a random fine day, my twin babies had a medical appointment in a far away land. Land where sick children became healthy, and where hope was restored for all the parents in the world. (Aka, an outpatient office located in a hospital setting about an hour drive from our house.) Which is not […]

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, It’s a Good Time to Talk About Grief

I’m writing this article to deepen the conversation about death and grief. This uncomfortable topic of human death in our American, Western culture where we deeply value human life. The thoughts and theories in this article are timeless and applicable to death from anything and under any circumstances outside of coronavirus; it speaks volumes to past, […]

The Post-Partum Mom’s Readiness and Return to Work


The United States of America is one of two countries in the world that does not have a federal law requiring businesses and corporations to offer paid Maternity Leave for their employees. A country built on the esteemed climb to achieve the “American Dream” with ideals for Family Values. And some really do live this […]

5 Things to Keep In Mind for the NICU Mom

First of all, congratulations on your baby(s)! Or to your interested party to whom you might send this article if you assessed they will benefit from the tips. I add plurality because twins are often times born early at a low birth weight, requiring a NICU stay. “Stay”, like at a hotel with special accommodations. […]

Why We Idealize Primary Caregivers/Parents Who Were Abusive

Attachment is a powerful lifelong force that cannot be circumvented. Whether we are consciously aware of our own style or not; it is in constant operation. Behind the scenes. Or under the scenes, rather. Business is always open. It infiltrates and shapes our personality, relationships, and worldviews. Every single human being walking this earth has […]