6 Meditation Tips to Take Your Practice to the Next Level

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Ever since I can remember, I had a hard time dealing with emotions. Even in my late teens, I remember getting into arguments with my parents and not being able to hold back the tears. Emotions would flood my body and release through my eyes.  I would ask myself “Why do I feel this way? How can […]

Elevating Consciousness With Developmental Stage Theories


Built on the shoulders of psychologists, visionaries and spiritual masters, today’s human developmental stage theories all point to the same profound discovery – human consciousness evolves through a set of predictable stages, gradually embracing deeper levels of truth, meaning, and wholeness. Many of us are aware of such development in children but few recognize that […]

Self-Actualization: The Process of Reaching Your Highest Potential

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n the 1940’s the german neurologist, Kurt Goldstein coined the term Self-actualization which can be understood as the process of realizing one’s full potential. This term is more frequently associated with humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow. Maslow is best known for his work on the human hierarchy of needs. You may have seen the human hierarchy […]

How to Become a Skilled Meditator

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Meditation isn’t a new phenomenon but an ancient practice used by yogis for thousands of years. Originally brought to the west by gurus like Swami Vivekananda, Maharishi, and D.T. Suzuki, meditation’s popularity continued to grow through endorsements from celebrities like The Beatles. The last 10 years have sparked a resurgence propelling meditation and mindfulness into […]

What is Psychotherapy and How Does it Work to Transform You?

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Even with the rapidly growing awareness of mental health, many people still believe that psychotherapy is reserved for people with serious mental health issues. While people struggling with such issues may have a greater need for therapy even those without psychological disorders can benefit from it. If you are feeling resistant to therapy it is […]

Understanding and Healing Trauma

Trauma is any adverse experience that a person is unable to understand, process, or cope with. Far more common than most people believe, trauma is often a product of abuse and neglect in childhood. An ACE (adverse childhood experience) study showed that only one-third of respondents reported no adverse childhood experience. To some extent, most if not all of us […]

Liberating conflicts through the recognition of no objective truth

Liberating conflicts through the recognition of no objective truth

As a collective, we all share one planet but as individuals, we live in different worlds. Our worlds overlap, more with some less with others, but completely with none. Have you ever met a person who believes EVERYTHING you believe? I know I haven’t. There are probably only a few people in your life whose beliefs […]

Navigating the Spiritual Path with Psychedelics, Meditation, and Maps of Insight

The rise of psychedelics is allowing more people to experience profound consciousness-expanding states. At low doses, psychedelics enable us to see unique perspectives, revealing aspects of reality that are usually hidden. While a high dose can allow a user to have a full-blown mystical experience. These experiences are so gripping that they make normal waking state consciousness […]

What is depression? Everything you need to know about this mental illness

Depression is one of the most debilitating and costly conditions in the world today. According to the WHO (world health organization) over 264 million people suffer from depression globally. Between medical costs, loss of productivity, and missed days from work the total cost of depression is reported to be 210.5 billion per year. While some are more likely […]

Why you should fake it til you make it

During the funeral of spiritual Teacher Ram Dass, his good friend & Vocalist Krishna Das commented that “Ram Dass became the person who we thought he was when he first came back from India.”  Like all of us Ram Dass had an ideal in his head, and he dedicated his life to embodying this ideal.  It doesn’t matter if […]