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Justin pataray

Justin Pataray,

Justin is a freshly sprouted Licensed Master Social Worker from New York University Silver School of Social Work, where he completed a dual-nation program between New York City and Shanghai. He has previously worked as a caregiver to infants and toddlers, a public school paraeducator, and a service provider to institutionally marginalized communities in the United States and China. Justin continues to channel these experiences into his current practice, supporting individuals from a wide field of lived experiences and backgrounds.

Justin’s experience with Strengths-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Systems Therapy forms the basis of his client-driven eclectic approach to therapy. He sees therapy as an opportunity to collaborate and build resilience, as well as a space to model and explore trusting and vulnerable relationships between individuals, family, and community.

Justin believes that love is the root of meaningful human connection and that strong community bonds are key to individual resilience. His happiness blooms in the presence of his loving partner, family, and the ever-supportive climbing community, fueling his work toward a world where pursuit of happiness may be forever detached from the need to “earn” survival.