Our Team


Liz Parisi,
Administrative Assistant

Liz was born and raised on Long Island where she attended SUNY Old Westbury and attained a bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2013. She worked in the accounting field for a couple years until she decided it wasn’t quite what she wanted to do. After becoming vegan 5 years ago, she realized that her passion had been in health and wellness all along as has recently started going back to school to pursue a degree in nutrition.

Liz now lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband Chris. While not working, Liz enjoys running outdoors, reading, playing sudoku and spending quality time with her husband.

Liz’s definition of happiness is to truly live life for herself, not to please expectations of others. Happiness to her means to find her own way through life, even if it’s not traditional, and to follow your passion, even if things seem to take a bit longer!