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Artem Zen,
Culture and Leadership Development

Artem Zen is an artist, writer, and mental health educator. After experiencing an identity crisis he was propelled on a journey of self-discovery. Through deep inner work, he was blessed to experience several mystical experiences that forever changed his understanding of himself and reality. These experiences motivated him to deepen his meditation practice in order to awaken to the highest potential of being. Today he is on a mission to elevate consciousness — inspiring others to expand their self-identity and discover deeper levels of truth, meaning, and wholeness. Every day he is playing with a paradox right at the knife’s edge of psychology, neuroscience, meditation, and philosophy. Artem lives in Brooklyn, with his Wife Yana (founder of Resilient mind) and two kids Luca and Dean. Artem’s definition of happiness is unreasonable joy that arises from the recognition of our true nature.