Our Team


Artem Zen,
Culture and Leadership Development

I’m an artist, educator, and transformational facilitator. Some years back I went through an existential crisis that propelled me on a journey of self-discovery. I began to engage in daily meditation, yoga, and self-healing practices. Eventually, I participated in a series of psychedelic and plant medicine ceremonies which forever changed my understanding of myself and reality. 

I at once knew what it was like to be deeply depressed and severely addicted while also recognizing that true happiness is our intrinsic natural state. I realized that heaven and hell are not places we go to when we die, they are places that exist in the mind. The highs and lows of this path opened me to immense depth and sparked an infinite curiosity for exploring the psychospiritual space. 

My main role at Resilient Mind is head of culture and leadership development. I ensure that we are growing as an organization and as individuals while being in integrity with our values. I facilitate developmental practices and workshops that help us grow both professionally and personally. I also work closely with our clinical director to ensure that we are always questioning and refining our approach to psychotherapy. 

My fascination and commitment to the study of psychology, spirituality, and society keeps me on the cutting edge of mental health and human transformation. Outside RM, I Host the Elevating Consciousness Podcast, write a weekly newsletter, create music with a message, and facilitate deep inner work.