Our Team


Artem Zen,
Culture and Leadership Development

I’m an artist, educator and transformational facilitator on a mission to help humanity discover deeper levels of truth, meaning, and wholeness. Some years back I experienced an identity crisis that propelled me on a journey of self-discovery. Through this process, I was blessed to experience several mystical experiences that forever changed my understanding of myself and reality. These experiences motivated me to deepen my meditation practice in order to awaken to the highest potential of being. 

The main role I play at Resilient Mind is head of culture and leadership development. This includes making sure that we are growing as an organization and as individuals while being in integrity with our values. My fascination and commitment to the study of psychology, spirituality, and society keeps me on the cutting edge of mental health. Outside RM, I Host the Elevating Consciousness Podcast, write a weekly newsletter, create music with a message and facilitate transformation through deep inner exploration.