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About the Founder

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My name is Yana Shenker – psychotherapist and founder of Resilient Mind Psychotherapy. My own experience suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and depression pushed me to seek out help.

The process of finding a therapist was frustrating and discouraging. Most of the therapy offices I walked into were old, dark, and depressing. The appointments rarely started on time, the sessions often felt rushed, and I never left with any resources. The therapists were burnt out and lacked the right tools. It was obvious that they didn’t prioritize their own self-care.

I saw this both from the outside as a client and from the inside working as a therapist. It’s not that the therapists didn’t care; it’s that they were embedded in ineffective and outdated systems that didn’t support their work. These experiences motivated me to start Resilient Mind Psychotherapy. 

Who we are

Hey there, we’re Resilient Mind – an innovative psychotherapy practice on a mission to provide our clients with a transformative therapeutic experience.

Our therapists facilitate therapy that is collaborative, compassionate, and culturally competent.

Appointments always start on time and clients are never rushed.

Therapists are never over-booked and are encouraged and supported in their self-care.

This means you get a therapist that is 100% with you instead of burnt out.

We keep our finger on the pulse of mental health – continually educating ourselves in the leading-edge therapeutic modalities.

Each therapist on our culturally diverse roster brings a specialized therapeutic approach that will be tailored to fit your unique needs.

Through individual and team clinical supervision, therapists are supported and challenged in their growth as clinicians.

These aspects ensure that each of our clients receives competent and effective quality care.

We provide services to all humans from ages 5 to 105; offering individual, couples, and group therapy sessions.

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At Resilient Mind, “We CARE” is our motto and represents the top 5 values we strive to embody through our work.

Wellness – encouraging and cultivating mental, emotional, and physical well-being

Collaboration – integrating unique perspectives to find a better way

Authenticity – embodying truth in our communication

Responsibility – playing our part, owning our mistakes, and committing to doing better

Empathy – bringing compassionate understanding to all our interactions

Our vision

To create a world where mental health is stigma-free and therapy is for everybody.

Imagine a world where everyone can fully and freely express their emotions. Vulnerability is no longer seen as a weakness but as a strength. You can tell someone you go to therapy without being asked “what’s wrong with you?” Not only is formal therapy embraced but our everyday relationships are becoming increasingly therapeutic. Mental health issues begin to decline because the culture we live in is less detrimental and more conducive to good mental health. This is the world we strive to create.

Therapy is for everybody