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Resilient Mind Psychotherapy

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Stay in the Moment

Through a combination of cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, Solution Focused (Brief) Therapy (SFBT), Mindfulness/Meditation, Play/Art therapy (children) and Client Centered Therapy, our therapists at Resilient Mind Psychotherapy will help alleviate anxiety, create healthy coping skills and empower you to better love yourself by encouraging, motivating and keeping you focused on reaching your goals.

Our Approaches

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Client Centered Psychotherapy
  • Play & Art Therapy (Children)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Solution Focused (Brief) Therapy (SFBT)

Our Services

Get relief from anxiety by learning coping skills that resolve fears, negative thinking, and panic attacks, through talk therapy, goal-oriented therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness approaches.


Ages 18+
Managing workload, marriage, divorce, parenting, finances, and family responsibility can be draining. These life stressors can become debilitating when paired with anxiety, depression, grief, or low self-esteem. Through a combination of talk therapy, goal-oriented therapy, and mindfulness, we will navigate through these challenges together.

Children & Teens

Ages 5-17
Promote your child’s mental wellbeing by increasing communication, cooperation, and building daily living skills. We will work with your child to help navigate separation anxiety, school triggers, low self-esteem, gender identity, negative social media, and depression. We will empower them with the necessary tools through talk therapy, strength-based and mindfulness approaches, and art therapy.


Ages 65+
Find support from the stressors of retirement adjustments, financial change, health management, chronic pain, isolation, and depression. Through talk and goal-oriented therapy, we will help you develop tools to alleviate daily stresses and improve mood so you can live life fully and mindfully. (Services available in both Russian and English.)

Ease Your Worries, Brighten Your Days, Stay Resilient.

Our Team

“Resilient Mind Psychotherapy” is a team of Psychotherapists (LCSW’s/LMSW’s) and Mental Health professionals who are passionate about providing a high quality of care for their clients.

  • Appointments always start on time making sure clients never feel rushed throughout session
  • Clients receive “assignments” after each session in order to implement new coping skills
  • Therapists strive in providing a comfortable, relaxing, culturally competent environment
  • Therapists are always continuing their education to stay up to date on therapeutic approaches
  • Highly confidential electronic platform utilized to keep client records


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Miscommunication, conflicts, parenting disagreements, work overload, financial pressure, and simple day to day tension place a heavy toll on relationships. Together, we will find a therapy technique that suits both you and your partner(s) to empower your relationship with tools for you to build and sustain mutual respect and honesty, healthy conflict resolution, intimacy, and friendship.