Benefits of Art Therapy for Children

The benefits of art therapy for children

Art therapy, also known as art psychotherapy, is a very unique field that combines the benefits of psychotherapy with creative modalities. Through artistic interventions, clients can address their difficulties, engage in self-expression, heal from past traumatic experiences, and be immersed in the therapeutic process. In art therapy, the process of creating the artwork is just […]

Different Types of Psychotherapy Treatment Services for Children and Adolescents

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Psychotherapy is a psychiatric treatment that includes therapeutic interactions and conversations between a family or child and a therapist. It helps kids and their families understand and fix issues, change behavior, and bring positive changes to their lives. Different psychotherapy treatment services in Brooklyn, NY, involve various methods, approaches, and interferences. 8 Major Types of […]

Break the Societal Stigma through Mental Health Telemedicine Services

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Mental health issues have become a global issue with the lack of mental health treatments and experts. In Brooklyn, many adults have reported an unpredictable need regarding mental health care. Ignoring mental ailments over a prolonged period can have severe effects on people and society as a whole. Sadly, many obstacles prevent people with mental […]

Reasons to Opt for Supportive Parenting Services


Parenting is one of the most vital and complex tasks anybody can do. Each phase along the way comes with more challenging choices and queries. However, honest discussions about parenting difficulties are rare, particularly when a child or parent struggles. In this case, supportive parenting services come in. Studies show that supportive parenting services in […]

6 Meditation Tips to Take Your Practice to the Next Level

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Ever since I can remember, I had a hard time dealing with emotions. Even in my late teens, I remember getting into arguments with my parents and not being able to hold back the tears. Emotions would flood my body and release through my eyes.  I would ask myself “Why do I feel this way? How can […]

Elevating Consciousness With Developmental Stage Theories


Built on the shoulders of psychologists, visionaries and spiritual masters, today’s human developmental stage theories all point to the same profound discovery – human consciousness evolves through a set of predictable stages, gradually embracing deeper levels of truth, meaning, and wholeness. Many of us are aware of such development in children but few recognize that […]

Self-Actualization: The Process of Reaching Your Highest Potential

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n the 1940’s the german neurologist, Kurt Goldstein coined the term Self-actualization which can be understood as the process of realizing one’s full potential. This term is more frequently associated with humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow. Maslow is best known for his work on the human hierarchy of needs. You may have seen the human hierarchy […]

How to Become a Skilled Meditator

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Meditation isn’t a new phenomenon but an ancient practice used by yogis for thousands of years. Originally brought to the west by gurus like Swami Vivekananda, Maharishi, and D.T. Suzuki, meditation’s popularity continued to grow through endorsements from celebrities like The Beatles. The last 10 years have sparked a resurgence propelling meditation and mindfulness into […]

What is Psychotherapy and How Does it Work to Transform You?

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Even with the rapidly growing awareness of mental health, many people still believe that psychotherapy is reserved for people with serious mental health issues. While people struggling with such issues may have a greater need for therapy even those without psychological disorders can benefit from it. If you are feeling resistant to therapy it is […]

The Tale of a Mom’s Pursuit of…Coffee

Once upon a random fine day, my twin babies had a medical appointment in a far away land. Land where sick children became healthy, and where hope was restored for all the parents in the world. (Aka, an outpatient office located in a hospital setting about an hour drive from our house.) Which is not […]