Our Team


Courtney Adisano,
MSWI, Clinical Intern

Given my extensive personal experience grappling with mental health challenges throughout my life, I am deeply motivated to help others in their quest for self-discovery and navigating the complexities of the world. My focus areas include Borderline Personality Disorder, relationship issues, and LGBTQIA+ related challenges such as transitioning, identity issues, and dysphoria. My passion shines through in my commitment to creating a secure, nonjudgmental environment, where those I assist experience acceptance and unconditional positive regard.

Grounded in Humanistic Counseling, my focus on self-discovery and strengths-based work cultivates qualities like curiosity, intuition, creativity, humility, empathy, and altruism, guiding individuals towards their better selves. My strongest work lies with those who seek a secure support system where they can freely express their raw emotions without any reservations, knowing they will be genuinely seen and heard. With this mutual trust, my goal is to release individuals of the pressure they feel to have to reinvent themselves, and instead, empower them to acknowledge the inherent greatness within them.

When I am not uplifting others, I perform self-care by spending time with those who bring light and laughter into my life, especially furry friends!