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Loren Reithel,
LCSW, Clinical Supervisor

All my life I wanted to be in the helping profession. When my college advisor suggested that I look into becoming a psychotherapist I knew I had found my space. I received my Master’s from Columbia University in 2016. Since then I have helped countless young adults and teenagers to work through trauma, depression, and anxiety.

The worst thing about trauma is not what happened to you but how it still impacts you to this day. It can be hard to live in the present when carrying the burdens of your past. Feelings of anxiety, agitation, and depression may be common symptoms in your life. A part of you knows there is a better way but the pathway forward may be unclear. This is where therapy can be a guiding light. 

In my sessions, I encourage clients to consider things within the context in which it happens to give them a deeper understanding of the connection between relationships, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I build genuine rapport with my clients by learning about their life experiences and what led them to this point. I reflect back what clients share while providing psychoeducation and guidance to help them navigate their difficulties. Past clients report gaining a deeper self-understanding, improved relationships, a greater ability to set healthy boundaries, and increased self-esteem. 

Outside my work as a therapist, I enjoy reading and being a dedicated plant mom. I am also quite crafty and frequently partake in knitting, sewing, and creating various forms of artwork. I recently find myself getting increasingly into fitness. My mission in life is to plant good seeds and help them bloom.