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Mishal Imtiaz

Mishal Imtiaz,

I came to the United States at the age of 13 and experienced vast cultural differences between my home country and the US. Being the first child and a daughter of Eastern parents living in a Western culture, I had responsibilities and pressures that were not common for people my age. Over the years, I made many adjustments and dealt with many struggles to survive and thrive. Having a strong will helped me navigate these challenges and made me realize that I wanted to be in a helping profession. I also realized how much stigma there was around mental health and committed myself to making mental health resources accessible to as many people as possible.

I graduated from CUNY Brooklyn College with a Biology and Neuroscience degree and completed my Masters in Mental health counseling from CUNY College of Staten Island. As a therapist, I work with youth struggling with anxiety and depression. I integrate relational (family systems), CBT, mindfulness, somatic awareness, and trauma-informed approaches. In my sessions, I explore family dynamics, dysfunctional thought processes, and how it affects the client, as well as the roles that clients play in their family and social circles. I have worked with clients with academic and performance pressures/anxieties in an educational setting as well as immigrants dealing with life transition particularly the Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi speaking communities.

After working with me, clients report having a better understanding of themselves and the impact of intergenerational patterns have on their lives. They are better able to identify their dysfunctional thought process and move towards living a more intentional and meaningful life. They are more keen at noticing daily stressors and triggers and have a variety of tools needed to work with them outside of therapy.

My mission in life is to transform our society’s understanding of mental health. It is my belief that human beings are super resilient and adaptable in any given environment. We, as people, have the capacity to not only survive but thrive even through difficult and challenging situations. Outside of work, I enjoy meditation, cooking, journaling, learning about different cultures, and exploring the diversity of NYC.