Our Team


Musa Resuljani, LMSW

Growing up in an Albanian/Muslim family, it became clear to me that my desires for myself were directly in conflict with cultural norms and expectations. This placed me in a position where if I honored my authenticity I risked damaging attachments with my community. This internal conflict resulted in a deep depression and anxiety around maintaining a secret I was withholding from the world. 

After finding the courage to choose authenticity, I quickly realized that the gay community itself also housed its own norms and expectations, particularly surrounding body image, beauty, and status. The combined conflicting expectations of two cultures filled me with a deep sense of rejection and displacement. I came to believe that something was essentially defective about me; I was, and would never be, good enough. It was in this rock-bottom place that I was finally able to, with the aid of psychotherapy, unshackle myself from the expectations of culture, and make contact with my true self. This part of me was a vessel of strength, confidence, and authenticity. I strongly believe that when we, as people, can effectively maintain contact with this part of ourselves despite adversity, healing will occur. 

As a therapist, I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, and trauma. Using a blend of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassionate Inquiry and Internal Family Systems, I help clients overcome barriers to their well-being. I maintain a culturally sensitive approach, staying mindful of clients’ differences in values, beliefs, and life experiences in order to meet them where ever they’re at. Past clients report a significant decrease in problematic symptoms, a clear-sense of self, a deeper connection to what is meaningful, and more focus around life direction. 

My purpose in life is to continuously move toward creating a life for myself that is rich and meaningful by remaining present with my authentic self and engaging with things that are of value to me. My core values are family, honesty, non-conformity, authenticity, and self-knowledge. Outside my work as a therapist, I enjoy personal development, hanging with friends and family, and trying new foods. 


  • Complex Trauma/ PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression