Our Team


Rachel Blustain, LMSW

Rachel Blustain earned her master’s degree in clinical social work from Hunter College of Social Work in 2010. She earned her Seminar in Field Instruction from Columbia University in 2014.

Rachel believes strengthening the knowledge of a client’s goals and values should be at the heart of therapeutic work. She believes addressing depression and anxiety requires physical, mental, emotional, and interpersonal strategies, as well as a clear focus on personal life goals. Her work with people who have experienced trauma and injustice has taught her the importance of supporting people to better understand and address their day-to-day reactions. She works with her clients to help them understand how their experiences are powerfully impacted by larger cultural forces, including social discrimination.

Rachel has a rich background as a writer and editor. She worked closely with adolescents in the New York City public schools and in foster care to write stories about their lives in order to support them in making meaning of their experiences and to have a positive impact on other youth through their stories. For over a decade, Rachel was the editor of a publication written by parents with child welfare involvement. She worked closely with parents to understand their life experiences, connect their experiences to larger social issues, define a path forward for themselves and their families, and be a force for social change. Rachel currently runs two writing and discussion groups for parents and has worked previously as a counselor in public high schools. Rachel continues to work in the field of parent advocacy and is active in efforts to create more just and holistic approaches to child safety and well-being.

Rachel lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her partner and child. In her free time, she reads, writes, plays tennis, bikes around the park, and goofs around with her family.

Rachel defines happiness as time outdoors, meaningful connections, creating opportunities to laugh, learn, think, and be creative, and having a purpose and confidence that she is contributing to creating a world where there is more joy and less suffering.