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Samelvie Sargusingh

Samelvie Sargusingh,

Ever since I could remember my passion has always been to help others navigate the uncharted waters of life, from difficult moments to creating memories filled with happiness and everything in between. Growing up, I would pay particular attention to how others expressed their emotions and dealt with hardships. Upon analyzing the world around me I saw a repeated pattern of people continuously disconnecting from their bodies and lived experience. I noticed how so many would push through daily tasks in order to measure up to society’s standards while ignoring their authentic calling. These insights were especially magnified during the pandemic and motivated me to help others recultivate the connection between consciousness, body, and experience.

As a therapist, I specialize in treating trauma, depression, and anxiety. I meet the client where they are and walk beside them in the exploration of their life journey. Together we decide how to best use what they know in order to have a more positive impact on who they hope to become. Working through a trauma-informed lens I integrate several modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing. It is my goal to not only help clients find relief in sessions but to provide them with tools that can help them navigate more effectively in their daily lives.

After working with me, clients have stated that they are better able to cope and deal with the hardships of life. They have also expressed becoming more conscious of their emotions, actions, and views while understanding the impact they have on their lives. In addition, they are able to challenge their perspectives and create narratives that are empowering and resilient. Finally, they report having the necessary tools to not only endure struggles but to live authentically and purposefully.

Outside of working with clients, I enjoy reading, traveling to new places, and exploring hidden gems in the city like bookstores, cafes’ or restaurants with amazing food.