Our Team

Victoria Toscano, LMSW

Victoria Toscano received her Master of Social Work from New York University and completed her undergraduate studies in 2013 at Hunter College in New York City.

Victoria has worked with vulnerable children who face trauma stemming from addiction, death, poverty, violence, and marital problems. Victoria has worked with the geriatric population and their families on issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, and grief.

Working in a clinical setting, Victoria realized she wanted to take a different approach in guiding clients to live out their full potential. While traveling and seeking a better understanding of human behavior, she found inspiration from different cultures, traditions, and practices. While living in India, Victoria accomplished her lifelong dream of completing a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. She attended many meditation retreats while learning that silence can be a great healer by helping to overcome trauma wounds, anxiety, and depression. Victoria worked with the LHA Charitable Trust Institute for Social Work in India, facilitating the transition of Tibetan refugees from their homeland to the Indian communities by providing guidance, supportive counseling, empowerment, and advocacy services.

Since returning to the US, Victoria has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation. She believes it is through these practices that one can learn to truly be present in the moment, feel one’s own body and mind, and be able to control one’s thoughts and actions. Her motto is: “Your body is your best teacher, learn to listen to it. Your mind is your biggest distraction, learn to quiet it.”

Victoria lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her family. She enjoys travelling, visiting her worldwide circle of friends, and taking engaging courses that fulfill her curiosity.

For Victoria, true happiness is found in being in the moment and experiencing harmony. It is by noticing and appreciating the little things that one can live a full and rewarding life.