Our Team

Yana Shenker

Yana Shenker, LCSW-R
Founder & CEO

I’m a psychotherapist and the founder of Resilient Mind Psychotherapy, on a mission to transform our society’s relationship to mental health. Dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder from an early age, motivated me to become a therapist and spread awareness of mental health issues. 

I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University in 2012. From there I proceeded to work with severe mental illness in psychiatric in-patient facilities as well as with children with developmental disabilities. Later I worked as a sole practitioner helping clients dealing with anxiety. 

In an effort to help reduce mental health stigma I created a Facebook group that provided women with a positive outlet to anonymously ask questions pertaining to mental health and relationships. Today “GroupTherapyByYana” has over 10,000 female members with over 2,000 anonymous concerns. 

In 2017 my personal blogs titled “11 Simple Strategies I Use to Help Ease my Anxiety” and “Some Do’s and Don’t for Living with Anxiety” were published on “The Mighty” and “Thought Catalog” – two popular mental health blogs.  

In 2020 I started the Resilient Mind Psychotherapy group practice and stepped away from taking clients as I believed I could have a greater impact by building a team of highly skilled psychotherapists. In 2022 I opened the Resilient Mind physical location and fulfilled my dream of creating an aesthetically beautiful therapy office. When not in the office, I enjoy spending time with my husband & two sons, exploring the city, and developing ideas in coffee shops.