Our Team


Nathalee Hollinshead, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor

Nathalee received her master’s degree in Social Work at Adelphi University and received her New York State Social Work license in 2003.

Her academic work included internship at Brookdale Hospital Psychiatric Outpatient Department, an experience that further solidified Nathalee’s desire to serve vulnerable and marginalized communities. As Nathalee pursued her professional goals, she also found great joy in volunteering to support women in hard-to-reach countries. She taught play and craft therapy to support children in need, mentored budding professionals, and worked with the elderly to maintain health and wellness in their golden years.

Nathalee believes that critical to any healing space is the ability to communicate the inherent value of all those who seek support. From an early age, she found deep reward in leading and inspiring others to be their healthiest and happiest. As a young girl in Jamaica, Nathalee formed a strong belief in the power of giving back, having received so much from so many others. This passion cultivated her drive to pursue academic and professional experiences. She considers one of her highest achievements to be establishing her private practice.

Nathalee presently facilitates and leads a women’s mind, body, and soul support group in her community, launched just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nathalee also oversees a short-term post trauma counseling group for women that focuses on making deep mental health insights attainable and relatable for all participants.

Nathalee supports her clients in overcoming depression, quieting anxiety, resolving trauma, and reducing the upset of life transitions, adjustments, or interruptions. With the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, motivational, and relational therapy, Nathalee renders invites for clients to look both around and inside themselves so they might be able to feel safe to assess and view their circumstances more clearly.

Nathalee resides with family in Brooklyn, New York. When not working, Nathalee enjoys hiking, lying by the beach, and celebrating events with her family. What makes her happiest is the realization that true self-care begins with herself and from there, compassion for others becomes possible.