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Stacy Savchuk 1

Stacy Savchuk,
Administrative Assistant

Stacy was born in Lviv, Ukraine and raised in Brooklyn, NYC. She attended Brooklyn College and acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She is currently continuing her education in College of Staten Island, studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is also currently doing an internship for an outpatient mental health facility in Brooklyn, working with mainly mandated clients. Her goal is to become a Licenced Mental Health Counselor, and help those dealing with anxiety and depression.

When Stacy is not studying or working, she is an adventurist. She has visited 18 countries so far and wants to continue exploring. She even volunteered at a wildcat conservation in South Africa, contributing to the quality of life of leopards, cheetahs, and lions. Her favorite country to travel to is probably Italy. Aside from traveling and exploring, she loves all types of different activities, like hiking, skiing, kayaking, camping, and especially spending quality time with her family, boyfriend, and dog, Minnie. One of the things she finds most therapeutic for her is being on top of a mountain.

Stacy’s definition of happiness is to have a positive peace of mind. She believes that in our hectic world, taking care of your mental health is one of the most important things. Every day we experience a variety of emotions and thoughts that affect us in many different ways, negative or positive. Living each day with awareness as well as acceptance is one way to be in control of your own happiness.