Benefits of Play & Art Therapy Treatment for Children

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If you have ever visited children’s museums in Brooklyn, you may have seen various creative toys and play activities for kids of all ages. Play is enjoyable, fun and increases your kids’ spirit. Moreover, it reduces boredom and stress and connects us with others positively. In short, play is therapeutic. For this reason, parents usually […]

Different Types of Psychotherapy Treatment Services for Children and Adolescents

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Psychotherapy is a psychiatric treatment that includes therapeutic interactions and conversations between a family or child and a therapist. It helps kids and their families understand and fix issues, change behavior, and bring positive changes to their lives. Different psychotherapy treatment services in Brooklyn, NY, involve various methods, approaches, and interferences. 8 Major Types of […]

Break the Societal Stigma through Mental Health Telemedicine Services

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Mental health issues have become a global issue with the lack of mental health treatments and experts. In Brooklyn, many adults have reported an unpredictable need regarding mental health care. Ignoring mental ailments over a prolonged period can have severe effects on people and society as a whole. Sadly, many obstacles prevent people with mental […]

Reasons to Opt for Supportive Parenting Services


Parenting is one of the most vital and complex tasks anybody can do. Each phase along the way comes with more challenging choices and queries. However, honest discussions about parenting difficulties are rare, particularly when a child or parent struggles. In this case, supportive parenting services come in. Studies show that supportive parenting services in […]

How left brain dominance is causing the emerging meaning crisis

brain dominance

A few years back I came across a rebel wisdom podcast featuring Iain McGhilchrist, a psychiatrist who has been studying brain hemispheres differences for decades. In the episode, McGhilchrist shares his theory of the divided brain which suggests that there is an increasing propensity in humanity to see reality through the eyes of the left hemisphere […]

11 Simple Strategies I Use To Help Ease My Anxiety

11 Simple Strategies I Use To Help Ease My Anxiety

In the recent months, I’ve been really trying to be consciously aware of myself and my environment. Whether it’s watching my thoughts or watching other people’s words, I tap into how specific people and vibes affect my thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. I have cleaned up my environment and realized I am in control of what […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Please Remember To Not Believe Everything You Think

As human beings, we have an instinctual need for safety, familiarity, and comfortability. Sometimes even the thing that makes us unhappy, is the exact same thing that brings us security – satisfying our needs. In my story, anxiety was the protagonist. I was comfortable with it because it never surprised me, I was certain it would always keep its […]

9 Dos And Don’ts For Living With Anxiety

At 27-years-old, I began to live my life for the first time. Everything before this was a blur. Every sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste was only something I had heard of. Every experience was mediocre. Life was bland. There was no substance. There was no sense. It’s hard to put these feelings into words, […]